Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodwill had found its' way back into my heart!

First, I would like to start with something totally unrelated to the rest of this little post. I am now the proud owner of The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Oh boy am I excited! I've used some of Ree Drumand's online recipes before but having the book on hand feels so much better! Yesterday I combined her recipe with some tips from my daddy and my own creativity and made my first batch of home-made chili. This is after my husband informed me that he couldn't believe I had never tried to make him chili before, and I informed him that I can't try to make him anything new because he generally hates everything under the sun. It was a HUGE success, even more so because he didn't eat lunch yesterday. (He'd kill me if he knew I put this up, he's making a silly face.)
Oookay so now on to Goodwill :] A little bit of a back story- my Gramma back in Texas has been doing mosaic projects for a while now. She takes old china plates, smashes them up, and plasters them onto mostly crosses but other things, too. So I've been thinking about picking up the hobby lately and stopped by Goodwill, now that there's one just down the street from us. I didn't find anything that made me want to mosaic, but I did find some great deals for things that I have been looking for for our kitchen. I got a big beautiful serving bowl for $2, a handful of pie dishes for $1 each and a gravy boat for $.99! ( I realize the tag says 1.99 but the receipt begs to differ). I was especially excited about the gravy boat, partially because I've been looking for one for a while for the right price, I'm not sure what my obsession is but I am so glad I finally got it! Secondly, the Macy's tag was still on for 7.99! That's always a good reason!

Finally, I took the dogs for a walk around the complex today (go me, my ankle is only slightly sore!) and they are still exhausted! But I snatched some pretty cute pictures of them relaxing afterwards :]

Looks like I have a pretty easy day ahead of me with the girls so pooped!

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