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Skinnie Piggie's Military Wedding Week Contest!!

So I follow a wonderful blog called Hellcat Betty, and today her post turned me onto Skinnie Piggie. I spent a few hours checking out the blog and then I decided to enter the Military Wedding Week Contest! These contests are just really fun to participate in and it's a great way to find new blogs. You should definitely go check some of these entries out!!

So here it goes! Our wedding story may not be much of a story, it was simple and cozy, but so perfect for us that I still think it's worth sharing!

Hubbers proposed via text message. Me being in Texas and him being in California, and him being impatient, he couldn't wait to get leave, so this actually completely fit our relationship. He put a lot of thought into it still, and even though we knew an engagement was coming, he was pretty nervous as we spoke on the phone.
This is the picture I got while he was on the phone, asking me to marry him.

[I know that this isn't a proposal contest but I feel like that's the best way to start a wedding story!]

So Hubbers proposed February 11th, and four days later the date was set for June 5, 2009. I knew exactly where I wanted to get married- the state park in our home town, on top of a cliff overlooking the forest.
The building we held the reception at.

Originally, I chose navy blue and lavender as our colors, and wanted a light springy look. I was going to wear a knee length gown and he would wear a lavender shirt and black slacks. However, (I will spare the details of the drama, but long story short we discovered his side of the family was MUCH more religious than we knew), I ended up wanting to be respectful and not show all the "horrific" tattoos on my legs, so a full length gown was a must and he refused to wear lavender. So the idea kind of changed when I fell in love with this dress.
Not such a pretty face, I know, but this was right when it hit me that I was about to become a married woman, and there was no AC in the the afternoon.

We invited about a hundred people, and I'd say about 60 showed up, if that many. I'm horrible at estimating. It was just what we wanted, though. He had two groomsmen, and I had two maids of honor. They picked simple dresses that didn't match but I thought it was just perfect.

I didn't want the wedding march, it just wasn't us. So I walked down the aisle to a song called "So Much" by The Spill Canvas. It was beautiful and perfect. The music started, I took my Daddy's arm, and saw this lovely sight at the end of the petal-covered, stone walkway.
He looks so handsome. There are rumors that he teared up here, but he refutes them.

I was too anxious to wait for the pastor to speak, I kept jumping ahead and repeating the vows before he finished telling me what to say. There were lots of laughs.

The most amazing part of this whole ceremony was when my daddy walked me to the end of the aisle, and the pastor asked if Hubbers would take me (with all the yadda yadda that goes with).

Hubbers smiled, didn't take his eyes away from mine, and in a loud, happy voice, said the words "Without a doubt". Those words never meant so much.

So finally, we kissed.

And for exactly 15 seconds of "our song", I forced him to dance with me.

(He changed out of his heavy Blues for the reception)

He cracked open a Monster Energy drink, we had some of his Mimi's delicious cake, opened presents, said hello to everyone, and then, simple as that, we went on into our happily ever after.

So that's pretty much it. It was a small afair, all decorated by hand, all planned by yours truly, and all made absolutely perfect by Hubbers. Small and simple, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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  1. I'm glad you went for a full-length dress... it was GORGEOUS on you! He looked good in his blues, I'm sure he was much happier about wearing them... I think this was a great intimate wedding! The location is so unique too!

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  2. Such a gorgeous day, gorgeous site and gorgeous bride! I love The Spill Canvas:-)

  3. Thank you everyon! And Alison, the song fit just perfectly! I couldn't see me walking to the wedding march. The intro played for a few seconds and then I started walking down the aisle to "How does it feel to know you're everything to me". It was perfect!

  4. Hello lovely! I'm your newest follower:)

    I loved your dress! Great wedding pics!!!!

    ~Goodnight moon

  5. Hi Amber! Thanks for following!
    And thanks for all the other new followers, also!